Investigating the differences in border security practices around the world.

Border protection around the world is an important and complicated topic that is constantly evolving. With globalization’s globalization, border protection has become more significant in order to ensure the protection of both countries and citizens. Every country has its own unique set of border protection policies that correspond to their specific needs and priorities. We … Read more

Discovering the Values of Fixed Fees for Immigration Lawyer Services is a book that was published in the newspaper.

It is a comprehensive guide to the fixed fees for immigration lawyer services. The book explores the fundamentals of fixed fees, how to structure them, and how to use them to create a profitable immigration lawyer company. The book begins by describing what fixed fees are and why they are important for immigration lawyers. The … Read more

States Lead the Way in Banning Immigration Detention Centers

State governments are leading the way on eliminating a blemish from their communities—immigration detention centers. As some state governments begin their legislative sessions, bills attempting to ban certain immigration detention centers have been introduced in multiple states. Following the lead of states like New Jersey and Illinois, New Mexico and Colorado have bills pending that … Read more

Florida Has Everything to Lose If It Repeals In-State Tuition for Undocumented Students

Undocumented students, like millions of other students in the United States, have the ambition to succeed. College opportunities are often priceless for these students. And though a degree can mean many things—like financial security and greater opportunities—a college diploma signifies perseverance in the face of hardship for many of these families. In Florida, these dreams … Read more

Strengthening Border Security: A Look at How We Can Make Our Borders Safer Affecting Our B

Relations between the two countries are interconnected. . Introduction One of the most important topics of our time is border security. The safety of our borders is an issue that affects us all in an increasingly interconnected world. As we continue to shield our citizens from the dangers of terrorism, heroin trafficking, and illegal immigration, … Read more

6 Firsthand Stories That Reveal the Problem with Family Detention

Written by Atenas Burrola, Pro Bono Manager and Crystal Massey, National Pro Bono Coordinator for the Afghan Project at the American Immigration Council The Biden administration is reportedly considering reopening family detention. This is horrific news—news that left us in tears. Between the two of us, we dedicated countless hours working and volunteering in what … Read more

Understanding the Benefits of Naturalization: An Overview of the Benefits of Becoming a Naturalized Citizen

You will gain a variety of advantages as a naturalized citizen. Naturalization will open up a world of opportunities for those who want to become citizens of the United States, from the right to voting to the ability to work in specific government positions. Knowing the numerous benefits of naturalization will help you determine whether … Read more

This Is Pretty Simple, Mr. President: Don’t Restart Family Detention

The Biden administration is reportedly planning to detain large numbers of immigrant families again this spring. This is part of the administration’s plan to replace Title 42 with a new policy that will make it very difficult for the majority of migrants crossing the border to qualify for asylum in the United States. According to … Read more